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Appointees appointments

Apparently McCrorys DHHS director is having people quit before they even start:

Look - the Governor has to realize that there are zealots within the party that are going to over reach in their misguided belief that somehow NC is so bad off that they have to fix everything in a week or two. The Governor even tried to slow them down by wanting to delay the Medicaid expansion vote to study it more but the Senate pushed it through anyway.

Rushed appointments
Turnover in the Communications department already
Excuses by the "point person" on email addresses and not responding to requests from the media.
Conflict of interest appointments to DEHNR
This appointment at DHHS.

McCrory is a thinker and "policy wonk".

But the impression that is beginning to emerge in my mind is that of an administration that is out of control, making appointments based upon ideology but no vetting and rushed decisions.
Added to this mix is the Legislature that is hell bent on putting an ideological stamp on everything immediately.
They DO need to slow down.
The unemployment thing is a perfect example. The administration has not created ONE job so far, but are willing to throw 80,000+ people off extended benefits, and reduce benny's for the million plus that are collecting.
According to the Star News this will take $225M out of the states economy IMMEDIATELY. I'm not so sure they should do that. The Governors initial thought was to do unemployment in a year - that would give his policies time to generate jobs - if they were successful. The states recovery is anemic compared to the weak national recovery.
Pat needs to stand up and say "Stop" - we need to do these things, but in a controlled studied manner. He very seldom "rushed" decisions while Mayor of Charlotte I don't know why he's doing it - or allowing it - now.
These misteps I hope are growing pains, otherwise he may end up devastating the state.



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