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Vog, in theory, I agree...

...but the problem with that theory is that it just isn't reality. Background checks will have absolutely no effect on criminals gaining access to and using firearms in criminal activity. I have no problems with and have gone through the background check. In addition, my occupation requires a much more stringent background investigation and is continually monitored, but I'm a law abiding citizen that gives a damn and have nothing to obscure. I have a career, own real estate, own big toys, have expensive hobbies, pay my taxes and I don't do drugs. I love my life and want to keep it. The criminals don't...period. They only live for their impulsive moment without any goals or ambitions. They easily AND effectively move around the rules and regs that inhibit their criminal progress, remember? When the "easily and effectively" part stops, then and only then, will we even begin to reduce gun violence.
As I've stated, I'm all for anything that will effectively reduce gun violence against "innocent citizens", don't care what happens to the criminals. I refuse to support any legislation that preys on the law-abiding citizens freedoms simply to project a false, "feel good", apparition type group of laws that have zero effect on the real problem. Start at the beginning, where the problem lies to gain efficacy!!! Doing anything else is a useless and futile exercise in pouring money, time, energy and momentum right down the drain.


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