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If it's anti-Catholic ...

... to not respect an organized religion that has:

….. willfully covered up sex abuse scandals to the point where a catholic country like Ireland has severed its diplomatic link to the Vatican …..
….. had a history that goes back over a thousand years of torturing people that disagreed with them and has a documented history of funding and supporting inquisition trials such as the ones in Spain …..
….. murdered people just because they printed the Bible in the native language of specific populations …..
….. since 519 A.D taken a position on Papal Infallibility that directly contradicts the actions and lifestyles of so many corrupt and fallible Popes (if their lives were that fallible, there’s no reason to think their spiritual pronouncements were any better) that have peppered the church’s leadership for over a thousand years …..
….. refused to take a moral stance on the Nazi extermination of Jews until it was a safe thing to do … (Historians point out that any support the Pope did give the Jews came after 1942, once U.S. officials told him that the allies wanted total victory, and it became likely that they would get it. Furthering the notion that any intervention by Pius XII was based on practical advantage rather than moral inclination is the fact that in late 1942, Pius XII began to advise the German and Hungarian bishops that it would be to their ultimate political advantage to go on record as speaking out against the massacre of the Jews.) …..
….. historically acquired property and wealth at the expense of others (don’t take my word for it; just Google up the Church's assets) .....

then I guess I’m probably anti Roman Catholic Church as well. Not anti religion, just anti Roman Catholic Church. This is an organization, that despite its very obvious and historically documented flaws, has had the audacity to define who a saint is or isn't. That is obscene. I find it extremely offensive Guest88888 that you would categorize my attitude and the attitude of others who feel the same way as anti-catholicism in the South instead of as a problem with the Roman Catholic Church per se. That’s exactly what the Roman Catholic Church has been doing for years; trying to blame someone else for their sordid behaviours. It’s way beyond time for them to clean up their own house, starting with senior management.


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