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Das (and others) are correct in that the Church's silence is just as bad as the pedophilia itself. We react with horror for any crime committed against a child but more so for sexual crimes because the child suffers for the rest of their lives. It's sad to say but murder is more merciful for a child because the suffering stops.
In this case it's worse because we entrusted our children - willingly - to these priests because THEY were supposed to be following Christ's teachings even more so than we expected our children to.
Now, that being said - it is NOT always the case that things are worse than they seem, but in this case the lack of openess leads one to conclude that indeed things were much worse, and the cover up more extensive, then we previously thought. We are in fact, waiting for the other shoe to drop - waiting for the next big document leak......
We do not know what, or if, these priests got treatment - but it does not matter. They, like the protestants preachers like Jim Baker et al, are zealots not following "the book".
As a Catholic I have to call it as I see it and pedophelia was way too wide spread and went on too long.



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