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Butts are litter, but the laws don't work.

Smoking on the beach would never be a problem if the smokers simply put their stinkin' trash where it the trash can.

While sitting on the beach one nice summer day last year, a group of six people decided to leave. They packed up their chairs, their coolers and their beach bags. 4 of them each left a pile of butts next to where their chair rested, their personal "ash tray". As they walked away, I asked them, "Could you please put your cigarette butts in the trash too?" One would've thought I had called their mamma a bad name! They came back with their chests poked out, threatened to beat me up and asked why I was selected to be beach trash patrol. I told them I was selected by "that lifeguard over yonner, as you accessed the beach. He saw you coming." Didn't help at all, they just got more angry due to trash THEY left, and THEY wouldn't remove. The fight was averted, but their trashy attitude is well in memory. Low class bums with an attitude, a trashy one.
Twice in my life while motorcycle riding, I've had lit, hot, cigarette butts flicked out of a car window to conveniently lodge themselves inside my leather riding jacket and burn the flyin' bejeezus out of me. Do you have any idea how long it takes to stop the bike, get the jacket off, rip your shirt off and locate the red-hot ember that, by now, is burning a life-long mark on your ribcage? Nice, huh?

I don't have a problem with people that want to intentionally inhale particulates into their lungs and reduce their time on earth. I have a problem with those smokers who don't have their mamma with them to pick up their trash behind them. So call it "Amerika" if you like. Some peeps just have to herded like group of dumb buffalo. How does that buffalo in front of you look?


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