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If you believe butts are the main litter problem - you stop the smoking you stop the litter.
As for the biodegradable aspect you are right they are cellulose acetate - a form of plastic. I should have known that as a former cigarette smoker. My 1 or 2 cigars per week are not filtered - and I do not smoke them in public...

As for drinking on the beach. I don't but do you really know whats inside that insidious kushy, coozy thing that's around that beverage in his or her hand? I'd like to believe those college kids are drinking Lipton Iced Tea but thinking back to MY college days I tend to doubt that.
But it's still a can or a plastic bottle.....
We are incredibly wasteful in this country.
Litter goes far beyond cigarettes though Chef - cans and bottles are easy - butts are not. You can drink on a beach and not affect anyone - but smoking? The smell alone can bother some people.
I'm with the smoking ban side on this one....



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