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A few thoughts

While Bishop Burbidge makes a sound argument, in a time of tumultuous legal wranglings with pedophilia charges the Church did NOT need serenity - it needed a take charge type of leader. One who was not going to back down from the charges but would attack them, head on - deal with them and deal with the people who tried to hide the priests from the law.
It was a time that demanded openness and contriteness. What we got was silence and obfuscation. As a Church they failed us and now when you say the word "priest" a vision of a sexual predator comes to mind instead of a healer and a man of faith. Yet, when you talk to the priests in your parishes you get exactly that - the feeling you're in the presence of a healer.
I feel bad for those in the priesthood right now for they are being unfairly compared to criminals. Time will heal this, but the healing could have been faster had the Church acted strongly and openly.
It is my hope that we elect THAT type of person to the papacy........



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