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So does that mean you support a lack of condom use and pedophilia? Are you a member of NAMBLA as well...not that the catholic priesthood and NAMBLA are that different...i'm pretty sure there is a lot of crossover in their membership roster. Out of curiousity what do you disagree with exactly? The facts remain that the catholic church opposes condom use, has actively covered up child sexual abuse. Am I a gay bet. Frankly though, even a straight christian should be able to tell what a corrupt and ignorant organization the catholic church is. I will preface this by saying there are thousands of dedicated and pious priests who do good works and have unfortunately been tainted by the church's overall negative perception. Yet again, though, a person who is willing to align themselves with such an organization is questionable in my opinion. I have no respect for any organized religion, and i find those that believe in them to be weak minded individuals who can't seem to think for themselves. I don't think of those that follow a religion as a "bad person" though...just weak.

So take THAT! ;)


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