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Excuse me.....

This is copied from Blue Line Radio's Facebook page with some editing by me because it says it better than I could:

I'm not sure that the people that are allowed to post on WWAY take the time to read the article or are they just all "flamers". If they read the article, they would understand that Kimberly was involved in a police shootout with a mass murder on a military base by a traitorous islamic extremist. Ms. Munley is simply pointing out...NOT blaming anyone...that obama promised her that the classification of the crime, would be reclassified FROM "Workplace Violence" TO a classification of an "Act Terrorism" and she reaps no benefits from this at all. And her concerns are that of the deceased and injured military members and their families that are currently not receiving the benefits covered under a classification of Terrorist Attack. These individuals would receive much more medical and disability benefits if it were reclassified as obama promised to Kimberly from his mouth to her ear on two separate occasions.

So to those that are ignorant or otherwise just hateful or a special kind of stupid, they need to stop attacking this woman for putting herself once again, in the line of fire.

One of you vinegar sacks said that "she's no hero"??? What ever your definition is must not be a reasonable definition of the word. She has not only taken on the Department of Defense, but is now publicly calling out the "complainer in chief", and if half of you had the nerves of Kimberly Munley we'd all be in a better place. But since most of you have already been neutured, shut your pie hole until at least one of your stones have dropped.


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