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Grow a pair!

It takes a real bunch of manly men to get on here as "GUESTS" or using nicknames like "WilmingtonMAJ" or "Vog46" and then completely flame someone. First off, not one of you couch stains have ever done anything even remotely close to what Kimberly has been through. Most of you consider it a tough day when you have to decide between Starbucks or Port City Java. Kimberly is not doing this to bring fame and fortune to herself you idiots! She is doing something that none of imbeciles would ever consider, she is standing up for the military members who were injured and killed that day. The fact that our government has designated this as "workplace violence" rather than a terrorist act is criminal. The fact that none of you can understand that is pretty typical of idiots who hide behind fake names and flame people...very brave, be proud of yourselves.

And to the special kind of idiot that referred to Kimberly as a "Hoe"...I would go on and on about how I would like to stomp you for making such a comment but, I would much prefer watching what would happen to you if you dared to make such a comment to Kim's face.


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