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Commenters make me sick

All of you who are bad mouthing these victims make me sick! If you had actually followed this story you would know that at no time during any of this has Sgt. Munley claimed to be in the same "boat" as the other victims. There were two classes of people killed or injuried on that horrible day, Civilians and Millitary. All of which should be entitled to the proper benefits of their station. But in order for this terriost, who is continuing to be payed by our goverment, to get a "fair trail" the victims must suffer!! As usual this has become a political issue. Obama used Sgt. Munley in 2010 and now the Republicans are trying to pass legislation. At the end of the day fellow Americans were killed, fellow Americans were hurt and it IS our governments responsibility to take care of those in their service. PERIOD.


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