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It's obvious that tha majority of you cannot read!

For all of you posters trying to beat Munley down, criticize, accuse and discredit her, READ the article closely. Your complete ignorance is glowing hotter than the rosebud of an acetylene torch!

Munley is NOT portraying herself as any type of "hero" by any means.
Munley is NOT threatening any legal action of any type.
Munley is NOT looking for glory and fame. She simply has a true story to tell as a first hand witness to the murders. US soldiers WERE murdered by Hassan, remember?
Munley IS calling the President out on the decision he made that seriously affected the victims of Hassans murder and their families. Those victims had FAMILIES, remember? Wives, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers...get it? THEY are the ones that were neglected by the President! THAT is the fact she is addressing...READ!

I'm not going to say Munley is a hero and I'm not going to say she isn't. I wasn't there that day and I wasn't being targeted by an insane radical Islamist, hell-bent on killing as many people as he possibly could. I can tell you that if he hadn't been stopped when he was, the carnage would have been much greater than the loss of 13 innocent souls! His car was full of loaded weapons, ammo and maps.

So, all of you armchair warriors go ahead and call your names and accuse Munley of things on which you have no basis other than jealousy, a keyboard and a faceless handle. I can accurately guess that the majority of you would immediately freeze in fear, piss your boots and cry for your mamma if you even came close to a situation resembling hers! If I didn't know better, the majority of you know-nothing loudmouths sound like Islamic sympathizers, not Americans...that's for sure!


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