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Did you READ the lawsuit Vog?

101 pages of very disturbing points of contention. The accusations of the actions (or lack of as it may be) by the DoD, FBI, the US Army, the President of the United States and the first lady are absolutey appalling to say the least.

I was wrong to disclose that Munley wasn't a part of a lawsuit. I wasn't aware that Munley was a part of this lawsuit, but after reading it, I certainly understand why and I support her effort 150%. I fail to believe that Munley is in this effort for fame, money or any other benefit than to disclose the following to the public:
The reality of the circumstances that led up to this event.
How those circumstances were handled by high-ranking officers of the US Army, DoD and the FBI.
Hasan's prior problems with Muslim fanatacism.
Hasan's connections with Al-Quaeda and Aulaqi.
These are but a very few of the lawsuit points of contention and I would encourage everyone to click your link to learn of these allegations. They are truly horrible and extremely embarrassing to the United States government.

But in short, 13 people died and 36 were injured, most with lifelong disabilites that our own government refused to attempt to rectify. That involves a tremendous amount of family members that were left behind with a tremendous amount of loss, pain, suffering and hardship...for the remainder of their lives!

Our government provides free food, housing, clothing and cell phones to the millions upon millions of people in this country that are illegally here, do not belong here or are just too damn lazy to get off their @$$es to get to work. We supply billions and billions of dollars to Globally help 3rd world counties that HATE the United States....but they neglect these people that were the target of an murderous terrorist while they were in wait to defend this countrys freedoms??? We have a BIG problem here!!!

I'll tell you what Vog. After reading what you supplied, if I were there like Kim Munley, as a first hand witness to that mass-murder event, you can bet your narrow hind-quarters that I'd be on that lawsuit too! This isn't about money, this is about people and this is about the manner in which our government let them down!


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