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Words from the source....

Let it be known this much: You will NEVER hear the self-recognition of being a hero come out of my mouth. NEVER! I have never considered myself a hero, and I never will. I am fighting for these soldiers because NO ONE has been successful in winning this fight so far. And if my face, my name, however I have been used as propaganda in the past since the shooting, will help these victims get the benefits and the help they DESERVE, then I will CONTINUE to fight, do interviews, attempt to make a movie and take all the "below the belt" punches by those who think my motive is otherwise! If the reclassification is successful, I get nothing out of it but that my job as a cop was fight and protect those who need it. So those who are sick of seeing my face and hearing my name, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!! Write your congressman and senators. Demand the military victims their justice and I will shut the hell up! UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!! Until then, get used to it because I'm not going away!!!!!!

PS- I am not entitled to the Purple Heart or the Military Benefits if it gets reclassified, nor would I EVER attempt to request them. This is about the military victims, not me so those of you who speak of the case and have not followed up on my intent, you are only sharing your ignorance. Mark my word, I won't stop until they get what they deserve. So keep cramping your fingers with your hurtful comments. I can handle it. This whole story was meant to focus on the victims, not me. This is media spin and put your glasses on if you can't interpret it.



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