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You did your job in an exemplary fashion and I commend you for it.
You have stepped out of your role in Law Enforcement to take part in this lawsuit to help the victims get what YOU claim they deserve to include monetary benefit.
While I am glad you have this attitude it is not your fight. Have you filed suit to make sure every victim of every accident you responded to got their just reward?
Of course not - you let your work speak for you by accurately describing the accident to let the lawyers decide who's at fault, and who should "pay".
You have ticketed individuals who were "at fault" and caused the accident - as your job requires you to. Did you ticket Hasan? No. There are reasons for this leagal wrangling - some have to do with Hasan getting what he deserves swiftly - as opposed to the military code of justice which moves slowly. None of these reasons should impact the service people involved, but they do.
Again, I praise you for your actions, and pray for your recovery from your wounds, but for this action I would suggest you, and the others, go before Congress as opposed to going before a Judge. I do believe you would get more relief and your testimony as to what happened could have a huge impact.
Attaching your name to a lawsuit seeking damages does nothing but sully your reputation and those who are injured.
I would suggest you contact the Armed Services Committee for starters - Senators Levin, Inhofe, and especially McCain would be flabbergasted to hear of such shoddy treatment for our troops.

Respectfully Submitted


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