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Vog, do you ever think about just...

...sitting down and shutting the HELL up? You've already written your multiple rose-colored, disparaging comments about Munley, so leave it alone already! With her experience, do you really think she needs any of YOUR advice as to how to proceed and achieve her goals? Do you really things she gives a flyin' damn about YOUR opinion of what she's doing to her reputation? Do you really think McCain hasn't heard about this incident and knows full-well what's going on? ""...he would be flabbergasted?" Would be? You trying to play "Daddy" here? I know her dad. You're not a freckle on his left glute!

For Christ's sake Vog, sit down and shut up for once would ya???? You consistently attempt to pick the fly-crap out of the pepper on every article here. Get a hobby and get over yourself!


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