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Oh Ok
Get over myself?

As you said:
"She's not involved in the lawsuit"
Um that was wrong
"She's not in it for the money"
Since she's part of the suit and asking for $ I guess thats wrong too.

I have no doubt that Kim's a good person and a hero for what she did as I have stated, and YOU apparently decided to ignore.

I will just quote Guest 1234's post:

"This matter is being decided by the DoD. I mean what's the President to do here, circumvent the rules, policy and procedures in place?!"

Boy did THAT say it all. There's probably 1450 pages worth of regs that DoD has for this - which is typical of DoD.
Remember the old adage "It would take an Act of Congress to change that?"
Yep - that applies here.....
Which is why I suggested The Armed Services Committee.
BTW - Sen Kay Hagan(D) - NC is part of that committee - have you written to her yet?
I have, for just this reason.
Politics plays a big part of the hearings we see and hear on TV. Benghazi is a good example.
What you saw was Clinton getting grilled and Clinton chiding the committee. What happens behind the scenes is something gets done - policy changes, or what have you.
In THIS case Kim is correct - the soldiers are getting shafted by a seemingly petty argument about where it happened and who's uniform Hasan was wearing at the time.
It is truly unfortunate that soldiers are played like pawns in this but it does happen and it won't change unless the DoD is told to change it........
Guest 1234 is absolutely correct - its being decided by the DoD and in my mind a lawsuit won't make DoD budge. But a politician who might hold sway over DoD's purse strings or benefit determination for all service people might be able to convince DoD to change things. Hence the suggestion of the committee and writing Hagan.



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