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Wrightsville Beach ... Island of Shame

Not too many years ago, when the cold war was still active, when the Iron Curtain was a phrase we were all familiar with, we used to joke about those countries’ totalitarian police policies. “Do you haff your papers?” we would jokingly say as a mockery of their over-the-top police procedures. Who would have thought that in today’s world a small, peaceful beach town would be emulating that sort of sick behavior? Who would have thought that a small town's population would become this twisted?

License plate scanners that run a background check on everybody that comes onto or leaves WB, body cameras that film everything that anybody ever does down to the most microscopic of infractions ….. Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t sound like my vision of America.

Let’s talk about funding for a moment. ….. “Chief House says the equipment was funded by a port security grant.” Really? What port are they protecting? I’ve been to WB on more than one occasion and I can’t seem to recall any port there. What a load of male-bovine-fecal-waste! And the worst part of all this is even as WB is being police-state invasive in our lives (if one is stupid enough to go there; of course), they’re using our tax dollars to perpetuate their message of exclusiveness.

There’s a simple way to vote against this type of police-state tyranny. Don’t go there. I stopped going there for both personal and professional reasons ever since this crap started and will never return. Respect yourself enough to not tolerate others not respecting you. There are plenty of other beach towns that still respect you. Spend your money there.
The residents of WB should be ashamed, very ashamed. Apparently, they’re not though, otherwise they would have stopped this kind of police-state activity from happening in the first place. Wrightsville Beach: Now an island of shame.


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