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Chief House is a JOKE.

Seriously, what made this guy the choice for Wrightsville Beach? Lets look at what and where he comes from. He was a CAMPUS COP. We all know how much crime occurs on a campus. So to him sure, Alcohol violations and an occasional Dog on the Beach is major crime, look at what he said there are very rarely felonies and the largest crimes are normally larceny or burglary, he is clueless. There were so many better choices that were available over this guy. I think we all know why he was the "winner" for the town. He is YES MAN, anything the board of alderman or the word or complaint of just ONE WB resident leads him to a reaction to in the eyes of that complainr help or change something. Seriously, you are the chief at Wrightsville Beach, a step up from a campus yes but not a whole lot different.

- Looks to me like there is a lot of waste going on there. There is no Port Security Grant that bought those cameras, the town bought them. The only agencies in this county recieving any port security grants are Wilmington Police and the Sheriffs Department. Please show us proof that these were obtained through a port security grant, I really want to see that. Prove you are not a liar !!! I agree with the business owner a waste of money.

- As far as the License Plate reading machine, why do you feel the need to broadcast that. Wilmington has had that and doesnt brag about it. Looks to me like good ol Chief House just wants to be seen and heard on tv. You never heard or saw the old chief from Wrightsville Beach on tv, for that matter how often do you see the Wilmington Chief or for that matter comparing beaches Carolina Beach police chief, NEVER. This guy just likes to see himself and hear himself on tv. He probably has tapes and sends to all his friends.

- This guy is a joke, yeah there are the two officers still working that he wanted to get rid of, but the majority of the other officers there are good. I have been arrested by them before and can still respect them. Give those guys a chance, they deserve it look at what they are dealing with.


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