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Mr T.

You talk about the number of jobs Obama has created and the number of jobs Bush lost. Two different numbers.
Net jobs for Bush was an abysmal 1.1M over his 8 year terms. Right now Obama has a net LOSS of jobs over 4.3 years. His record was hurt terribly by the 5.1M job losses in the recession.
At the end of his terms we will have a better idea of how he performed.
Since WWII GOP Presidents have been outperformed by Dems in job creation. Clinton ranks #1 by a wide margin over Reagan, Nixon ranks 3rd or 4th but every other high ranking person is a Dem with the exception of Kennedy.
One thing you'll NEVER hear on Fox news is that Jimmy Carter created 10X more jobs (10M) than George Bush (1M).
I am thankful that Reagan was president when he was. The baby boomers were going into the workforce when he was President and were able to find jobs. Now they are retiring, with the bulk of them retiring before 2020. We shall begin to see labor shortages around then according to long range forecasts of both the Bush and Obama labor leaders.



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