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"MISTAKES"? Surely you jest?

I won't even comment on your use of all caps to get your point across, but I'm going to comment on your use of the word, "MISTAKES".
"MISTAKES" are when you trip going down a flight of stairs. "MISTAKES" are handing someone a twenty when you thought it was a ten. "MISTAKES" are buying whole milk instead of 2%. "MISTAKES" are putting your underwear on inside out because you dressed in the dark.

"MISTAKES" are NOT the cognitive decision making efforts required to burn someones house down! That's called "REALLY, REALLY BAD JUDGEMENT"! There's a big difference here! The made decisions to enter the property, decisions to strike a match, decisions to set the fire to a dwelling (someone's property!) and decisions to leave and watch it burn.

Now, rethink your preaching a bit and properly term what these young ladies REALLY did!


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