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What they are not telling you.

This is a fine example of unbalanced reporting. Where is the interview with a sovereign citizen to give a counter view? Much like how the state operates it gives one slanted view point from someone who earns their paycheck by trying to make others believe that the state somehow has rights above the person who is asserting their rights. Domestic terrorist? Really? So a person using the system against itself is equal to someone who would try and create terror through violence? What about a system that would use terror against those who are vulnerable and ignorant of the system and how it works? I can tell you terror comes from being dragged into the system to try and fight for your rights. Terror comes from having to deal with a group who thinks they have some kind of inherent right to deprive you because they wear a badge and you refuse to cooperate. Terror is driving down the road and seeing the blue lights behind you. Terror is calling for help and wondering if you will become the target. Terror is having to show your papers to continue traveling down the road despite the fact you were minding your own business. Terror is being coerced into admitting a crime because of threat to your family. Terror is having to drag to Bolivia one or twice a month just to wait 2 hours for them to talk about you like you are not even there for 2 minutes. Terror is being tortured into compliance by taser. Terror is wondering if your family member who has a medical issue will be locked up because they are sick and need help. Terror is the thought of living under a system so corrupt that they would protect their own even if it is obvious they were in the wrong. The law is not in place to protect anyone except the interest of those prosecuting others. DUI laws do not stop people from drinking and driving. Drug laws don't stop people from using and selling drugs. Traffic laws don't stop people from driving without insurance. Gun laws don't stop people from using guns for crime. But what they do effectively do is fatten the county and states pockets with more money so that can hire more people to control us at every turn. The same people who scoff when you assert your rights are the same ones they try and parade as people who are there to "protect and serve". There is only one interest they are "protecting and serving" and it isn't yours. If you must ask permission, then it is not a right.


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