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Notice how the media compares a lady whom would not pull over to the Oklahoma city bomber. This is what our country has lowered itself to,tactics which include controlling the media to convince you that any individual that is strong on their own beliefs and have individuality is wrong,Oh, I mean terrorist. While misdirecting you from what is really going on, Obama is swindelling trillions of citezens hard earned taxes until our lenders are all tapped out and then going to sell us off to China. Youtube has its priveledges. Did you know U.S. has built with your taxes plenty of "Fema prisons" to imprison you and your children(seperate facilities for the children). These people do not want to comply to these laws not because they are rebels/criminals but because they do not agree with how they operate and/or the corruption behind their evil agenda. The truth is we(you and your family) are heading for a holocaust and everyone is blinded from the truth by the media not to mention the fluoride and aspartame(food additives/poisons)used to numb our brains. By the way I myself do not believe in a law free nation. We need laws and punishments but the enforcement agencies have lost tract of their purpose, JUSTICE, and become another greedy business focused on the goal of stripping citezens of all the hard earned cash and especially their valuable time,which is alot more precious and scarce than we acknowledge. The more technological solving crimes become the more easier it is for the corrupted system to frame someone. Your tax money is being used against you, why should you pay taxes.Only you can change the world around you. I am sure Deputy Cherry was just doing his job, and i've never known him or even heard any rumors of him being corrupt so don't pick on the officer. If you want to pick on the cops there are plenty of evil and I mean evil cops to pick on. MATTHEW 22:17-21


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