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And the truth shall set you free.

Unfortunately, finding out what's actually true requires real knowledge and real facts; it’s not just what someone else tells you.

To be able to do that requires an education. In order to acquire that education, you have to actually study, not just attend a school.

Crazy stupid stuff like ..... ""Fema prisons" to imprison you and your children" ..... or ..... "fluoride and aspartame(food additives/poisons)used to numb our brains" ..... or ..... "swindelling trillions of citezens hard earned taxes until our lenders are all tapped out" ..... is not only untrue, it's also illogical.

That's the kind of stuff people come up with when they don't educate themselves. That's the kind of stuff that one uneducated person passes on to another until they both believe it's true. People who can't spell and have no idea how to put together a simple sentence or haven't even a clue as to grammar are people who didn't take the time to at least try to educate themselves. These are people who now read small crazy pamphlets instead of books. These are the kind of people who usually wind up with crappy jobs and a crappy life. These are people who need to blame someone or something else for their failure to achieve more rather than blame themselves. These are the kind of people who make up, or pass along, crazy nonsense because it's just easier then dealing with the truth because sometimes the truth sucks and you really just don’t want to hear it. Desperate people make up desperate stories. Sometimes they begin to feel so desperate, that after a while, they believe their own nonsense.

People like you.


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