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Guilty until proven innocent

I never said my family was scared. In fact it is quite the opposite. The problems I stated came from simply paying attention to the news and talking to people on the street. I am indeed terrified if I believe I may have to deal with the system on any level. The impression you give me is that you love dealing with bureaucracy so much you may even work for them. But worry not. The way things are going you will have a first hand knowledge at some point and will not have to take my word for it.
Republicans or Democrats they are all one in the same. Two wings of the same bird.
So you have never encountered a road block? Have you seen the numerous cases where the police abuse people when they allege a crime has been committed? Abuse not just restraing them. Your reasoning that it hasn't happened to you only stands to show that you have been lucky. I myself have 99 problems but the police or legal issues ain't one.
Gate Keeper
You are absolutely right. The constitution doesn't afford me any rights nor does the Bill of Rights. Both LIMIT the government in the manner and scope they may deal with me. Under stand that one doesn't need to be a federal citizen to be a citizen of a state. That right is granted at birth. If you were born in the states then you were granted citizenship by the state you were born in at birth. If you are born elsewhere and become naturalized then you become a US citizen.
If it were true that my family was having problems of this nature saying or implying it is solely their fault is ignorant. Do you also look at other countries such as China and blame the people that live there for the problems caused by an oppressive government? I mean after all I am sure the government operates within their own laws even if they are oppressive. This woman is challenging the government by using their system. Why would anyone disagree with that? You would think one should be afforded all opportunities to clear her name. After all, if she is so obviously guilty as most are assuming it should be an open and shut issue. At the end of the day the take away is how the article compared her to timothy Mcveigh. How people who challenge the system are terrorist. How it is strange she has chosen to represent herself. If everyone who is charged with a crime spent half the time this woman will then the system wouldn't work. Why you ask? Because it would collapse under its own weight.

"The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny, and it is useless for the innocent to try by reasoning to get justice, when the oppressor intends to be unjust." Aesop


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