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Please read all the comments below. The community needs to research how the politicians are spending our money, specifically to use our taxes to imprison/enslave us. More than 50% of our taxes go to military more than half of our taxes. The military will be used against us in the near future. Obama said it himself, that the government will start detaining citizens indefinetly without having first committed a crime. Meaning you will be arrested and detained without breaking the law, and his exuse is so you don't commit a crime in the future. His speech is made very clear on youtube. The PATRIOT ACT gives him the power to do whatever he wants. Seriously people its time to start paying attention to whats going on around you and quit being so caught up in all the distractions that the devil has put in your way to blind you. Taxes are to keep the public weak and to give the government power over them."By the people for the people" -Abraham Lincoln- not for the corporations.


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