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I hate to pop your delusional bubble

but "the truth shall set you free.

Jesse Ventura's FEMA camps images:
- a satellite image of a prison in North Korea
- an actual prison in Ohio
- an illegal immigrant detention center
- an image of a building of a company that makes actually makes coffin liners in Georgia

Your YouTube link:
- is a cut-and-paste of a speech Obama was making about Guantanamo Bay detainees and most definitely not about American citizens.

(Earlier post) “Obama is swindelling trillions of citezens hard earned taxes until our lenders are all tapped out”:
- (spelling mistakes aside, for the moment) What’s he doing with the money? Putting it under his pillow? Certainly not putting it in banks if the “lenders are all tapped out”. Maybe he has a special cave where he keeps his gold pile! (Crap ... think I just started another conspiracy theory)

- Graduated at the top of your class and yet you use phrases like “more stranger than fiction”? Your earlier post was filled with so many misspelled words and grammatical mistakes; it looked like the work of a fourth grader. That must be some school if you graduated top of your class.
- “YouTube has its privileges” (from previous post). Please tell me you’re not using YouTube as your primary source for news because it’s sure starting to look like that’s the case.

It took me all of five minutes to research and debunk the nonsense you’re pushing out as “truth”. Why is it that I can do that and you can’t? Two reasons: (1) You don’t really try hard enough, (2) You just feel better embracing conspiracy nonsense.(Jesse Ventura does it for the money. He sells his show to suckers like you. What's your excuse?)

That has to be a sad way to live your life. My condolences.


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