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Thank you

Thank you for pointing out something I have been unable to get many people online to understand. It is easier to watch somebody's selectively edited video or to read someone's factually deficient blog (posing as a news story) than it is to take the 5 minutes to look up the truth. My brain immediately tells me when I read something so incredibly far left or right there is more to the story. In the time it takes me to find the truth my friends have reposted the stories/videos and made comments they later regret when I post the links that debunk the original posts.

In this case the original poster is hoping that enough people repeat the false information before someone comes along to ruin his message with the truth. If the myth is repeated enough times it becomes accepted as fact. So-called news sources on the far left and right have been employing this tactic for years resulting in the extreme polarization of Americans.

There is the very real possibility that the original poster is uanware that his post is factually incorrect. That is just laziness on his part. Also sad is the fact that the original poster may not even see the responses to his false posting. I know people who refuse to even check the responses to their posts because the truth conflicts with how they feel in their gut. Stephen Colbert calls this truthiness.


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