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" ruin his message with the truth"

What a great phrase! I totally agree with you. Wish more people had the common sense to agree as well.

I find it disturbing that the new normal seems to be either an extreme left or right viewpoint; never the middle and never a sensible compromise. It's laziness, pure and simple. Why think when someone else can do it for you, and besides, an intelligent compromise requires more effort. A good analogy for me is: It's easier to place your cursor on the extreme left or right side of your computer screen than to place it exactly in the middle. That would require measuring the distance from either side. It would only take a minute or two to do that; but that would be too much work. That's how it seems to be in politics these days. If we continue our lazy ways, our county will go right down the dumper. That too is easy enough to research, but most people won't bother to.

An interesting factoid: Did you know that Stephen Colbert’s sister, who’s currently running for political office, pronounces her last name “cole-bert”, not “cole-bear”? I think I’ll spend about 30 seconds researching that to find out why. :-)


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