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NCAR is Not Associated with Sovereign Citizens

The North-Carolina American Republic is not associated with the sovereign citizen movement as indicated by the University of North Carolina School of Government reference in this article. If you visit the site (, you'll see that this organization is for sovereignty of the state itself (the people, collectively), not the individual citizens. Also, if you'll do some research, you'll notice that and historian John Ainsworth (also linked from the NCAR site) actually refers to the sovereign citizen movement as patriot mythology. He debunks it in some of his recent webcasts.

Carolina Liberty is also not a sovereign citizen movement. If you click over to their Resources page, you'll discover that they are/were simply a study group who gathered to study our founding documents, and that a large part of their curriculum was actually the re-establishing of the state itself (ie. the North Carolina American Republic!)

Again, the North-Carolina American Republic and its citizens are in no way part of the Sovereign Citizen movement. I would strongly encourage WWAY News and/or the University referenced to first contact this organization BEFORE lumping them together with other movements as has been done here. Contact information is public and available to all interested parties.


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