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Fema Camps and stuff

You know I used to think like many others here - that all this stuff about aspartemine, GMO's, the Codex an Fema camps { Still think the Fema camps are BS } and massive spending on Military Industrial / Technical complex, erosion of Liberty, educational brain warping... was all tinfoil hat paranoia - and though some of it is - there is definitely a Control /Power shift in the works that is truly frightening.
I've gathered as much honest research as I could digeston several of these controversial items { most recently vaccines/ pharmacuiticals, GMO's, 211 and NARAD, various other Political stuff} and been literally blown out of the water - we are literally drowning in a sea of prevarications.
All I can say is do your own research and pay close attention to who the sources are and their affiliations - you too will be blown away even if the alleged Black Helicopters and FEMA concentration camps are a hoax- cause there's plenty of other conspiracy nut stuff that really is in the works.


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