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"...creating a whole new group of gunowners..." I don't think so

There are only two "groups of gunowners" as you refer to it. "Legal gunowners" and "Illegal gunowners". The DACA eligibility requirements and applications have nothing to do with gun ownership. Pistol purchase permits (not CCW's) are acquired only afer submission of application AND APPROVAL for such at and by the applicable county Sheriffs office. These applications specifically address all issues related to the applicant to include county, state and federal residency requirements and any "alien" status, legal or not.
On a side note, Federal law makes it implictly illegal for aliens who are illegally or unlawfully residing in the United States to receive or possess ANY firearm. Those fellows just prance on down to Fifth and Castle and hang around on the corner for a few minutes to get what they want. No application needed. We see them on the "mugshots" section of the paper everyday. Over and over.


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