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Vog, it's not up to you or me to trust anyone.

That's the job of the sheriffs department that approves and issues pistol purchase permits. Google the NHC purchase application before you pop a vessel and stroke out.
I take issue with your statement, "Don't throw the illegal bull crap out there - these guys will be legal under our government's own definition now. And subjected to the same weak ineffective background checks that any gun owner is subjected to now." So explain yourself and define for me and the rest of the readers exactly WHY it is your opinion that we have "weak and ineffective backgound checks" in place now? I'm not hearing of crimes being committed by those that have undergone background checks. Are you? I'm not even hearing of crimes of gun violence being committed by those that have legally purchased their weapons, are you? I'm only hearing of the CRIMINALS that STEAL weapons and purchase those that are stolen THEN commit crimes of gun violence. Those guys NEVER endured ANY type of backgound surveillence, remember? NONE! Those are the guys and gals that the judges keep putting back out on the street, into the public sector to commit MORE crime...remember? That's the part that NOBODY in politics wants to address, but that's where the problem BEGINS and replays itself on a daily basis, like a broken record. As I've stated this multiple times, I'm ALL FOR the reduction of gun related violence against law-abiding, innocent citizens. I don't give a damn what drug dealers, thieves and rapists may do to each other. Just be effective with what is done. Stop wasting money, time and stop blowing a bunch of hot air up the hind-quarters of the American people trying to make them believe new laws will work when the existing ones never get enforced. Lifetime criminals deserve lifetime sentences, nothing less!


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