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air show

Wow. so a few planes have to wait a little while. People passing through Wilmington!! Now all of us who live here and enjoy the air show every year have to go without because of a few whiners who don't even live here? How it that right? The Airport authorities see every year how popular this event is, from the cars lined up along side the airport fence to the many hundreds who pay to come in and participate in the extra's ! Can't you leave those of us who live here something to look forward to that we all enjoy in these hard times.. we even make picnic lunches and put blankets on the grounds with our familie's to enjoy relaxing and watching this wonderful air show. It's a tradition. You don't take away popular traditions because of a few very minor complaints. way I look at it is YOU put the happiness of those who LIVE here above those passing through.
Here I sit day after day listening to all these new noisier planes coming near my home, never quiet anymore. so why not compensate those of us living close enough to the airport to never have quiet. ,if you are going to take away a show we invite friends and relatives to enjoy in our yard each year, those jets and planes we watch at the air show are beautiful, education, exciting and something to look forward to. The passengers passing through whining should have no say or pull in this town's activities.
Please rethink this decision. It's flawed..........


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