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To all you smart people that have a PHD in Psychology and have the answers. You have taken one side and do not know the full situation at hand. I can see you are people that do not have a voice anywhere and more than likely do not do anything to make things better in the community. I know for certain you do not know Whiteville Police Department. I was there,witnessed the whole thing and heard the comments of the police. They over reacted. They also left off the news about the two girls earlier about to fight over a boy. They also left off how parents of one of the players was having it out with the assistance coach, but they did not do anything. Oh, I wonder why, maybe because they were on the right list in good ole Whiteville. I suggest you research the facts because everything reported is certainly not correctly reported and all the facts are not given. To the smart person that felt like he should have been at home to grieve, then you do not know anything either. All people are different and they grieve in a different. I do know one thing your comments are your comments and it relects on the type of people we have to deal with. I know for certain all of you are far from perfect. You can continue to sit in the seat of judgement, but look in the mirror, hope you like what you see. Be blessed and do something positive and stop being judgemental.


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