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13 Felony and 10 misdemeanor convictions!!!!

Here it is again, another wonder as to WHY are these criminals allowed back into society? I would love to hear a judges response as to WHY they allow these lifetime criminals to a roach, back into a lawful society after this kind of history of criminal conduct and BLATANT DISREGARD for the law.

So here he is with 13 felony and 10 misdemeanor convictions, running naked on our streets and shooting at cars. His past convictions entertain a host of drug related, assault related and theft related crimes, but here he is again, high as a kite shooting at passers-by.

One more time folks! Do we REALLY wonder exactly where, who and WHY the gun related violence comes from? Do we REALLY believe restricting gun type, ammo, magazines and instituting more background checks will have ANY effect on CRIMINALS like 48 year old Steven Moss?


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