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Ya know I agree to some

Ya know I agree to some extent but I disagree also.I feel that everyone should have the right to a better life.But if you come here and you comit crimes then you do need to be sent back after you pay your debt here for whatever crime you commited.And not all Latinos are Mexicans and not all of them are illegal.I think people should just get over this whole thing about get the illegals out b/c you know what,think of it like this if they leave WHO is going to go and work in the field,factories,and whatever else they do that we as Americans WON'T DO... think of it like that for a minute.So to all of you who are saying get them out,are you going to go and do whatever job they were doing just to keep things going the they are now or will it be left alone and things go worse? So everyone needs to think about this.Because you know Dole IS NOT going to do any job that she makes them stop doing so she will only be hurting the common people b/c she has no money problems so her bills will get paid either way.


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