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Priorities of the city government; Money to waste, more money to waste, and still more money to waste........

1- The parking deck that has been sold and bought back for more than it was sold for (2 times that I know of) and now is going to be refurbished only to be torn down in the near future......this has a price tag of "millions of dollars wasted."

2- The money and man hours wasted to try and shove a public funded minor league baseball stadium down the tax payers throats even though the polls showed an overwhelming majority of the voters were against it. This was verified by the election with 70% of the people saying no. The Mayor and Council could have saved 100's of thousands of dollars if they only would have listened to the majority.......

3- The continued public funding of people with 6 figure salaries with nothing other than hot air in return for money spent.

4- City workers paid an average of 10-15 percent less than the area average while the "bosses" get paid above the area average. Reducing the bosses salaries to the area average and raising the workers up to the area average would eliminate alot of employee turnover and training costs. It would also create a more experienced and dedicated workforce. The reduction of "boss pay" and the great reduction of training costs would go a long way toward funding the pay increases for the people that actually do the work.


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