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Man Tased at BBgame

First and foremost if you do not know this man don't judge him. I do know him and yes sometimes he should keep his mouth shut, but you also have to look at all aspects of this situation. Michael is not a bad person. Like everyone that is alive at some point and time say things they shouldn't say. Just because he is speaking out about him not agreeing with the way the police handled the situation does not give anyone the right to start running their mouth at him. His father had just been buried and also there are some other issues that go one with Michael that I'm sure if you don't know him then you wouldn't understand. All police in Whiteville know him, not as the trouble maker but as a person. If they do their jobs by patroling. Its nothing to see him walking down the street with a smile on his face. I don't know all the details about what happen because I wasn't there so I'm not going to speculate on that, but I do know that all someone had to do was say Michael you are out of line and he would have calmed down. I'm sure he wasn't the only fan there that was yelling crazy comments at the ref. So before you post a comment look at all aspects of the situation and the person before you start putting people down.


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