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You may have forgotten a few things when you wrote that.
For instance:
"the blame lays squarely on the shoulders of this administration, he said he was gonna do away with coal and this is one consequence to it, increased electrical prices"

Here's what Progress Energy said when the y broke ground on tis plant:
"Yates says the change will not affect your energy bill."
Or when yo said this:
"not to mention gas prices on the rise"
Since Carter's days we've known that Presidents don't control energy pricing and especially gasoline pricing.

Or this:
" he said he was gonna do away with coal and this is one consequence to it,"

Funny but Progress sees this plant as a win-win from the same article I quoted before:
"The $600 million addition will run on natural gas. It will also be a combined-cycle plant, meaning it will cut carbon dioxide emissions in half and eliminate emissions of mercury and other dangerous gases."

While coal is cheap thats due in part to the collapse of the coal market. Coal for power generation is now costly due to the need for a lot of emission controls. Natural gas is plentiful, cheap and burns cleaner, as Progress said this is a win win. I'd like to convert our auto fleet to natural gas.
As for Obama Care? Health care costs are not rising as fast as they have been. Some attribute this to OCare. I'm not convinced yet. but economies of scale due lead to savings and cost containment. The VA, Medicare and Romney's Mass Care deliver healthcare at lower costs.
Progress wanted to convert Sutton to gas as it lowers costs for them.
Try to not let politics get in the way of a good business decision.



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