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I Concur with the Top Cop!

Good Job!
Excellent Letter!
...From a New Hanover County 57 year old female concealed carry holder, NRA member and strong Constitutionalist.

By the way, I also wrote and submitted three letters myself this past week.

They went by snail mail to Senator Burr and Hagan and Congressman Mc Intyre. They need the power of their constituents to LET THEM KNOW where WE stand.
I would like to share the letter that I wrote with all of my friends who believe in the Constitution and our Second Amendment rights. Please take the LIBERTY, while it is yours to take....Feel free, as FREE as can be, to copy and paste my letter and add or alter it, if you choose, BUT PLEASE send to our Senators and Rep in Washington.

I think anyone reading this realizes that "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country." If you sit on your duff forever, you will continue to cry in your beer. It takes a little effort, and a stamp, but they listen when we speak in unison.

Dear Senator Burr,

I am respectfully writing to you to ask that you OPPOSE the proposal that would dramatically expand the current instant background checks on private firearm transfers.

I am also requesting that you OPPOSE any Bill that would reinstate a failed ban on semi-automatic rifles or magazines.

Criminals will never submit to such measures and these gun control schemes would have no effect on crime.

I cherish our Constitution and value my Second Amendment rights.
I would like to thank you for the outstanding job that you have done for your constituents over the years. I am always pleased with how you vote.



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