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The Sheriff will never face charges.

"Our second amendment rights do not give us unlimited access to firearms"

What do you think the words "shall not be infringed" mean? Apparently the eminently literate founders of this country meant to say "shall not be infringed" knowing full well what those words meant and intending for them to be both permanent and understood in their absolute, imperative, sense. Please consider this: those words and their implications for all future generations of Americans, were the result of much deliberation and sober thought ... but, contrary to the wording of the other Amendments, the wording of this Amendment was never the subject of contrary debate among the authors of the Bill of Rights.

We already limit access to firearms when it comes to felons and persons with profound mental problems. Who else would you deny the right to defend themselves and those they hold dear against animals, criminals and tyrants?

The dealers at gun shows are already performing mandatory background checks (in violation of the Constitution), so your argument is empty ... yet another anti-Constitution talking point meant to cloud the real issues at stake in the present moment.

I don't think you understand that the founders of this country deliberately put these specific enumerated rights beyond the control of the government, where they were to remain so long as the republic stood.

Neither Congress nor the Courts nor the President have the legal authority to strike them down. To attempt to do so is to commit treason.

When the Constitution no longer stands supreme among our laws, the Republic will fall. Due to the uncertainty about what will arise from its ashes, I must emphatically urge you to join the fight against further erosion of the power of that document.

If I have sent you to a dictionary, I make no apology. The current debates regarding the gutting of the Constitution are matters of law being argued on the basis of feelings. We need to get the debate on a factual basis and the factual basis is that there is no force in this country that is entitled to usurp the Constitution ... and yet that is exactly what those who would disarm the citizens of this country are in the process of doing -- with help from people like you.

This is your country, too. I think it's worth defending. Do you?


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