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A very well-written post!

This subject of gun control is so difficult to write about due to the emotion of the subject. You have done a superb job of stating the facts. We have people that understand our rights as Americans and we have others that for some reason, understand that our rights are government given, when appropriate and can be taken away as convenient. We have people among us that are lucky to be able to make their way to and from work every day without government intervention and that rely on the government to guide the simple and basic attributes of their lives. They believe the government will and is supposed to support them, protect them and provide for them. Germany was filled with people like this in the 30's and 40's.

In addition to your words of clarity, while we do limit firearms access to felons and people with a diminished mental capacity (or intend to). The government itself ignores the intent of their own law by consistently allowing convicted Felons back on the street, in the general law-abiding public even after numerous convictions of firearms related violence. If there is ANYWHERE to begin to curb gun-related violence, it should start right there and right now!


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