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The man at the helm of the country has nothing to do with DAKs closing either and I agree that things will not get better - which makes the unemployment revamping even more harmful to the states economy than it is to these folks at DAK.
Again - my discussion about the unemployment bill is not with what hey did but the timing.
The monies were not due back for 3 years - this would give corporate tax cuts time to take affect and attract jobs if that policy worked.
If the corporate tax cuts worked and people were gong back to work the amount of money paid into UI Trust by employees would increase making payback easier.
At that point you then cut benny's. It's sound fiscal policy - and protects YOUR people. The safety "net" does affect, positively, your economy.

I voted for many of these GOP people. From a political standpoint they seem to be doing everything they can to insure they won't get re-elected. No reaching across the aisle on unemployment. Hurting the unemployed. Absurd pay raise for appointees. Double the number of appointees. Removal of many experienced people from boards and commissions -to allow for political board stuffing. And this on the local level.
Look we waited 150 years for this opportunity.
We may wait another 150 years after 2016 - and the Dems will surely reverse and MAKE WORSE everything the GOP is attempting to do now.
Bev had serious budget troubles, most of it caused by a nationwide economic recession. State revenues declined precipitously - she responded. Some things were good others not so good. Unemployment went from 5.4% in Sleasleys last year to 10.8% in Bevs first year. Thats an impressive down fall but revenues declined along with it.
Now we are going to self inflict a revenue decline on the budget by removing and altering the unemployment system.
I don't disagree with the thought process here but with the timing.
Pat may be catching a falling knife with the economy - but he's making it much worse than it has to be politically.



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