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High fuel prices mean cascading price increases for EVERYTHING!

As fuel prices escalate, so do transportation costs, so do production costs. Food prices are through the roof and continuing to rise. $6.00 for a container of pimento cheese? Near $4.00 for a chemical-laden loaf of bread that molds out in 3 days? All costs roll down hill to the consumer. Everything we buy goes up in price with every jump in fuel costs. Everybody wants their dollar and they grasp at it like there will be no tomorrow.

Now, isn't it funny how food and energy costs ARE NOT factored in or even considered with the rate of inflation calculations? Yet THOSE directly related prices are the neccessities we all depend on and rising at a phenomenal rate! We wonder why nobody is saving anything these days? We wonder why crime is up? We wonder why food stamp consumption has doubled in the las 3 years? Wonder no more, it's right in front of you in black and white: NO JOBS, Explosive medical care costs, $3.80/gal. gasoline, $4.10 gal Diesel and illegal aliens sucking the goverment teat for all she's got all the while NOT paying their due in taxes. There's much more, but the point is made.

This economy is going downhill so fast it isn't funny. It's just too bad the people of this country weren't able to see the writing on the wall during the last presidential election. We have an economic crisis on hand with the poverty levels rising faster than ever before. The average family is quickly and abruptly being stymied from any form of success. The hard working people that built this great country are the big losers of today faced with the inability to provide even the basic neccessities for their families INCLUDING PROPER HEALTHCARE!


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