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It doesn't really matter...WHY...

WWAY didn't report as to "WHY" fuel prices are skyrocketing. They are reporting on the "impact" it is having on local citizens. How can you criticize journalism when you lack the comprehension skills to interpret it?
Whether or not WWAY prints the "reasons" for fuel increases has zero effect on its readers "getting their blood pressure up". People are upset that so much of their money is required to get them to work and back, take them on vacations (or not) and otherwise affect the costs of everything else they buy including the basic neccessity of FOOD.
One more thing Kilroy! With all of the excuses, reasons and blunderbussing about what causes fuel prices to escalate is inconsequential to the results. From hurricanes, to snowstorms, to winter/summer conversions to Iran and their nuclear program, Syria, the Egyptian conflict up to and including the moon phases and the recent comet attack on Russia. It just doesn't matter, we've heard them all! The bottom line is, this sort of economic impact is killing the finances of those trying their best to support their families!


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