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You cant fire him for doing his job

These fine folks may have invested over a half a million dollars to join the kure beach club, but everyone has to follow the rules, especially when building a house of that magnitude. You have to follow the rules on the road or you get a ticket dont you? If you got a ticket or an infraction for not following the law would you rant and rave and demand the mayor to fire that police officer if he didnt rip up that ticket just because you were a good tax paying citizen of Kure Beach? Rules are rules and they are made for a reason. There is a code out there just like there are laws out there that we have to follow. There are officers that enforce the road laws and there are building inspectors that enforce the code. Its really simple. Its not about having to much power. It a simple fact of standing for whats right and following the rules. There is something admiriable in standing up for what you believe in.


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