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Aparently you have not tried to get something done that requires approval of someone who knows less than you. I refuse to work past the bridge ONLY because of this problem on the Island. When a bush can be pulled up it two minutes and it takes a week to replace windows.Easy fixes,week tops Yet a refusal to sighn off IS the DISCRETION of the inspector,speaking from my own work on the Island If you so much as hint at being unpleased your failed. What do you do? Move in and wait for the state to evict you then you get a county/state/HOA inspection and its over.I think you have the definition of the good ole boy network backwards. Thats when the judge knows your lawer that gets you off or the inspector knows the contractor and LET'S HIM SLIDE. Or the ambulance and cops know the guy driving and you got hit at 1am but the tickets say 11:30 so he keeps his paper license


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