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Don't follow the news much do you Simmons?

Go to the archives and do a little research would ya? This park was initially contracted and started by another contractor. It was discovered after the fact, that he had used substandard materials and workmanship in the foundation and structural components. A lawsuit was started and won by Kure beach to kick him off the job and void the contract. Everything he had built had to be torn down, demolitioned and hauled off to the dump. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of defunct concrete and steel.

A new contractor was secured to perform the demolition and clean up, then build the new facility with the correct materials and technique. They have done a superb job at gining completion in a timely manner after dealing with an inept and incapable crook.

This isn't Chicago building a skyscraper, it's Kure Beach trying to build a nice public facility without getting ripped off! We move more slowly and carefully here.


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