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Re-writing history and skewing facts

having raised 3 girls this story interested me greatly. I read the first stories on this where the "Coalition" said, and I paraphrase: "Based upon NC's extensive highway system, and the proximity of military bases we believe NC would rank 8th on the list of the worst states for human trafficking".
I was initially thinking wow how bad can we be? Then I realized the Coalition ESTIMATED the size of the problem. I questioned the validity of the ranking and got no response as to the accuracy of the report.
We are now accepting the report as some sort of apocalyptic treatise on how bad sex trafficking ACTUALLY is in NC - without one shred of evidence to suggest it's actually that bad.
All sex trafficking is bad. All prostitution is illegal (I believe it should be legalized).
Goolsby's bill is not all that costly.
Hamilton wants rehabilitation - halfway houses, counselling, medical evaluations which will cost millions.
I would like to see some numbers if at all possible on how bad this is. One person trafficked is bad and ANY child involvement is bad (I'd kill the people in charge for THAT crime = electrocution to the genitals comes to mind). But really?
The international labor organization believes 4 million people are involved in sex trafficking world wide with 3.2 million in southeast asia alone. (they called it slave labor but I don't know how they came up with the figures either).
It seems like a stretch to me to think NC is that bad without having heard something about this before this flurry of legislative activity.
Goolsby is pandering to woman with a feel good piece of legislation and Hamilton is just spending other people's money.
Military bases = equals increased sex trafficking? Prove it. Prove that its not the individual hooker out to make a fast buck for drug money.



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